Once the week ticks Friday we are a bit relaxed and the same is for Saturday as well, we get this feeling of ease and we are a bit laid back, I always feel like Friday is actually Saturday and Saturday is Sunday, how ?, I will tell you.

Our weekend is defined by some parameters like a favourite movie release, premier league football matches, some events, some treks, office after hours and some random plans with friends or families. Whether we realize or no but we are fully aware that weekend is about to knock at our doorsteps quite prior to the actual day.

We know that things are scheduled then we tend to get into the vibe and partially live in our dream world for some time thinking of those events which are yet to occur. Those thoughts about how to reach, whom to call, what to wear, how to spend the time, what to eat and drink etc keeps flashing in your mind till the time the event is completed.

So in a way, you are virtually living in future days and that is what makes me feel like we already live few days ahead of time. Think of those anxieties, those curiousness that makes you feel that weekend should be more closure, or in contrast those Monday blues, presentations, local trains, pending work, meeting with the boss and so on, once the weekend is over.

With these daydreaming, you tend to lose your focus in the current activity which might be not feasible but somehow we come back to reality and resume. When the actual day arrives, we do whatever was planned and improvise a bit. Once it is finished we feel happy and content but if it does not go the way we wanted, then it quite disappointing.

It is somehow good wherein in some way you pre-plan for the event, you are proactive, it might increase your efficiency, you are mentally prepared and ready for the action, but as mentioned earlier if it does not work then you feel a bit stressed and you are sad.

It is not restricted to some days but it might extend to few weeks, months or in some cases to a year depending on the situation, but majorly it is for weekends only.

So next time when you start living in future and daydream, do prepare yourself for all the conditions

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