Fear is something which goes through our body sending chills down the spine for an unforeseen event. It may be defined as something which an individual is not ready but is forced to accept it. There are various types of fears depending upon some specific thing or event, related to which it has been given another name as well that is “Phobia”. For anything and everything we have a phobia, imagine the mere existence of fear that everyone has.

For majority cases, fear is external that is 1st category wherein it is related to external factors and because of these factors our body is in danger, but there are few internal fears as well that comprises 2nd category in which our mind is too frightened to respond during a particular situation causing a state of helplessness. There is also a 3rd category which is neither external nor internal, it is situational fear in which based on given situations individuals tend to fear and act in a certain way.

These below mentioned fears are some of the most common ones and might be observed and experienced by you as well. It is listed in the form of our growing years till now

a) Situation 1 – Parents yelling at children

Intensity level – 1 out of 5

Victim - Children

Scenario – Imagine a situation wherein as a child you have broken glass windows while playing cricket, few mischiefs at home that acts as pain for the parents and various small things that irritated them resulting them to burst on you, they would hardly take few minutes to approach you and scare the hell out of you.

As a child that it is the scariest thing, you were always afraid of either your mom or dad and later on the other one saves you from uninterrupted verbal blows and sometimes physical as well. I think we all recollect the physical ones more because the fingerprints are still fresh in our minds.

b) Situation 2 – Parents and teachers meeting

Intensity level – 2 out of 5

Victim – School Students

Scenario – Now that we were grown up and started going to schools, we were for sure not the quiet ones or the ones who sat on the first bench. We were somewhere between the first and the last benchers. Those small mischiefs of eating during the teaching hours, throwing paper balls to each other and copying during exams were part of our daily routine. All these were noticed by our teachers and they were saving it for the PTA for it to be the blast.

When the school results were out and we scored fewer marks, those separate hammering we used get at our home by our parents, but the biggest hurdle was taking the (same) parents, you can avoid the bracket part ;), to school to meet the teachers. We are already down with our scores and this is about to come. I pity for ourselves for we being Lion kings later converting into Simba during the meeting. Whatever done during the term, our teachers had a very good knack of summarizing it in a rather provocative way. And the rest is needless to say, you are having a faded vision I am sure.

c) Situation 3 – Roll calls in college

Intensity level – 3 out of 5

Victim – College students

Scenario – We all know how much we had bunked lectures in our college, irrespective of the streams we choose, at least once in a lifetime we have bunked. Do recollect those days, how much fun it was and especially when there was mass bunk. But when only a few students used to bunk, we used to tell one of our friends to say attendance on our behalf.

This specific phase when the lecturer starts the roll call till it ends was the worst phase of any student as if he or she gets caught will face severe consequences. But with respect to the immense talent of amazing voice modulation, seldom those guys were caught.

d) Situation 4 – Meeting with CEO

Intensity level – 4 out of 5

Victim – Corporate people

Scenario – The Corporate phase seems to be a good part of our lives, it seems to be an important part of one as well, teaching us what it takes to earn a single penny. It comes with both the phases which are good and bad. Good when we have those public holidays, special paid leaves taken during long weekends to extend the same or those celebrations on festivals where working on that day for 9 hours seems like we had worked for only 3 hours. Also, when we achieved something and it is appreciated and highlighted.

Now comes the other part, just when you think that all is good, there comes a mail stating meeting with CEO, which literally means that anything is possible in that meeting irrespective of the mood of the CEO. Majority cases which even I have experienced are the meeting which does not go according to the plan; it’s full of surprises packed with hidden notions which we understand in the appraisal meetings only.

e) Situation 5 – Silence from Spouse

Intensity level – 5 out of 5

Victim – Can’t say

Scenario – Today’s generation is highly vulnerable to situations and emotions, anything which is not proper can spark tempers. It is applicable to both of them. For example, social media plays a very important role even in a couple’s relationship. Even a single activity in the social platform can create issues to great extent(sarcastic way).

As you can see the intensity level is very high in this situation, anything occurred might end up someone not speaking to other, wherein the other half is clueless. It is indeed quite a funny situation and might take a few minutes to a few days to figure what exactly happened and why communication was stopped.

f) Situation 6 –Mann ki baat

Intensity level – 10 out of 5

Victim – Aam aadmi

Scenario – We all are aware that Mann ki baat can be so fatal or a blessing in disguise, it works either ways, which one, we are still figuring out. Also, there is no need from my end to explain what Mann ki baat is and it is processed and executed by whom. This is one such situational fear which is most unpredictable.

For example – Kindly “NOTE“, which scenario even I am figuring out.

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  1. Nice one.. I have gone through all these fears. But these are such fears I have never been able to overcome. If it happens again, I’ll still fear 😛
    Example, meeting school teacher again even after I graduated from school almost 15 years ago.

    1. Thanks, Dhaval.
      These were just some of the fears which I can recollect, but as you mentioned meeting teacher and facing them is still a big fear for no reason.

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