Caution – This article does not include any unpleasant content but it does include harsh and brutal truth of today’s world. The intent is not to be negative but to make you guys realize that what you see is not real for majority cases.
Disclaimer - The below article highlights only my opinion.
Now coming to the topic after such serious introduction, People these days, consists of different shape, size, caste, breed, and origin, but they also consist of different intentions, double faces which you might not be aware of. The world these days is mostly fake then it can ever be. The human race has surpassed expectations in various domains like Science and Technology; it has also reached the heights of counterfeiting in all possible ways.
As they say, an actual lemon slice is used in finger bowl but artificial lemon flavoured syrup is used in the welcome drink, which, should be the other way round. The same way people are fake and to such extent that you will for sure not realize but will be shocked and surprised when you know the actual truth.
Few scenarios that I have highlighted and which even you might have come across are listed below. Kindly note that these are just a few examples, I can go on and on but I have to restrict myself so that you all do not get offended, bored or misguided.
a)      Visual appearance – You must have heard about the saying "Looks can be deceptive", and it turns out they are. The one with the most things to show off externally usually is the one who is hollow inside and it also holds true the other way round. People these days are more concerned about the external factors than what lies within, resulting into they being untrue to themselves. The glitz and the glamour are fake, people who showcase that they are all happy go lucky, usually aren't, and in the end, find themselves wandering around in search of inner peace
b)      Consumables – The products which we consume on a daily basis are almost fake, where it is actually manufactured, how many times it has been mixed with some other product or malfunctioned, no one knows. The actual weight or volume of the package is it the same? the nutritional facts mentioned, are they true? or whether the cap of a water bottle was resealed? there are so many things to be scrutinized but no one has the time to do so. It is more observed in Asia than anywhere in the world and moreover in India where the population is huge. Just to give you a brief idea, consider the taste of any product here in India, it won’t be the same overseas. I agree to the fact that manufacturing place will be different but what about standardization of the big FMCG companies? Give it a thought
c)       Individuals – People whom you see the most, with whom you spend a good amount of time, are the greatest actors of all time, they give you the warmth of fake emotions, which I agree are necessary for some situations but not in all. They cherish other's suffering and hate to see anyone succeed then themselves. Situations nowadays are so grim that people refrain from and have actually stopped sharing their successes fearing these negative vibes. One should always have the knack of identifying people, I think it should be part of the school curriculum, thinking too deep but it will be very much beneficial
d)      Politics – The biggest platform or domain which makes or amplifies my topic is this domain. We all have seen that the politicians provide fake promises before elections and never turned up after elections, this is purely based on my observations. But that does not stop there; money scams and dirty politics always acts as oxygen for them.  All such things are because of fake people and intentions, once the motive is achieved, everything is forgotten.  I will restrict adding more points for this particular domain because of obvious reasons
e)      Corporate – Where the fake people strive. No doubt people want a better salary, exponential rise and good rapport with higher hierarchy, but to achieve these they go to the extremes, fake attitude is their attire and they work accordingly. No doubt corporate life is full of stress and to add to that people's dissatisfaction with their role and position, which makes them resort to the easy way out - to fake it. Who suffers in all of this? The most talented of all, who cannot bend or submit in front of that higher hierarchy management, who prefer to have these fake people wagging their tails and take whatever shit, they throw at them, real people find themselves struggling in this environment and stuck at the lower level. You might have heard from someone at least once in your life that even you have to be like them in order to get where you want to, but some people do it otherwise and lag behind
f)       Social media – The biggest platform through which we all are influenced is social media, people have realized this and using it to the utmost level. Fake news is spread using various platforms to create hatred, fear and communal violence etc. Recently there were few individuals who lost their lives because of Lynching which was circulated through Whatsapp and all of them were fake, the event has sparked to such an extent that Indian government had asked Whatsapp management to come up with a solution in order to stop fake news being circulated through Whatsapp. The messaging firm took it seriously and they are about to appoint someone for India premises related to the same. This is just one case among so many in India where fake people spread fake agendas
g)      News broadcasting entities – The biggest stereotype of all and still most dominating is news broadcasting entities, they spread fake news intentionally or unintentionally without knowing facts and figures, just to make sure that they are the first one to showcase something which even they are not sure about. It’s done just to make sure people indulge, get confused and are guided to a specific direction for a specific purpose. There are incidents just where in we see and believe paid news because someone wants us to follow a certain path, news channels owned by political parties, business tycoons are the reason for it
h)      Propagandas – Just as in the Marketing domain we have a "TG" which means target group, the same way propagandas work wherein people’s mind are infused with intended thoughts irrespective of the outcome and reasons. It has its presence almost everywhere like business, politics, world affairs, media, entertainment, and sports. The most used one which is tried and tested is dividing Indians into Muslims and Non-Muslims groups.
As mentioned earlier, the list might have no limits, but it is quite disturbing that these fake “PEOPLE” are omnipresent. In today’s world, I agree that everything cannot be real, you cannot function well keeping every stakeholder happy or keeping all in common interest, but at least one should curb being fake to its maximum and then function. On a concluding note, just want to repeat an old proverb, “Always sleep with one eye open. Never take anything for granted”

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