Nowadays, modern healthcare is given a lot of priority due to busy life and schedule, there are lots of ways by which we can enhance it by doing yoga, gym and body fitness, but the easiest one is proper food consumption including vitamins and proteins and other nutrients. Diverting the topic to Vitamins only, the important ones are Vitamin A, B, C, D, but the one which is really trending right now is Vitamin "Likes".

You guys might be wondering which vitamin is this, never heard of it and neither consumed it, but let me tell you, the whole world is craving for it and even you guys love it, let me explain.
This vitamin is nothing but the "Like" tab which is available in all most all the social networking sites, the sole purpose is to show that how many individuals have loved the post as you all know.

People are so obsessed with this vitamin, that after publishing any post they check whether anyone has liked it or not, and this is done every five minutes. More the number of likes more is the individual happy and satisfied. If the number is less then that individual will be a bit stressed and waste time in wondering what went wrong, why the number is less.

The numbers define the rate of the content irrespective of the quality of the same, however, the individual will be insecure as well if the numbers of the likes are less compared to fellow peer. This vitamin is less consumed by Males as they are always deprived of it and the females have in abundance, but still, they need more.


There are even entities which help you to do the needful as in making available your post to the desired target audience due to which the vitamin increases and hence the goal is achieved, as they say, there is nothing free in this world and even this is not, so the way you pay for vitamin tablets, same way you pay here.

They also have a barter system wherein between two individuals there is a deal of Like for Like or share for share and so on. This vitamin is all over, even expressing your feeling is done in the form of likes so that it saves lots of time and human interaction is diminished.

So finally on a concluding note, currently the most important vitamin is "like" as it enhances individual's mental stability and keeps him or her happy, to some extent it is applicable to me as well, so kindly do the needful.

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