Lunchbox or tiffin box as widely known is a not just a box which fills our stomach as and when required, it plays more roles than this, some visible, some unknown and others to discover. Below listed are some of my observations which even you might have experienced or faced, kindly make a note, you will recollect some school memories.

Conversation starter – Imagine yourself joining a new company or a school/college, it's your first day. The first half just vanishes into discovering the new place and finding the way to either canteen or washroom. On the first day, we are obliged to smile at those unknown faces and also to those who later turn into best buddies. Later we get a breather in terms of lunch break wherein we sit and grab that corner table. Once you open our lunchbox, your colleagues’ eyeballs turn towards your table and there, you have your first conversation. Either you approach them or vice versa, the credit goes to the lunchbox. It acts as an icebreaker and also a catalyst in keeping the conversation going. If the food is liked by them then you are in the gang permanently.

Surprise box – Now then you are a part of the group, every day, your lunchbox acts as a surprise for them. They are more excited than you about what are the contents and new dishes stuffed inside the box. Trust me you will be given 2nd priority and obviously, you know who has the 1st one. It kind of acts as a gift to those who are in need of homemade food and those who kind of don't like their homemade food, seldom will they be not surprised. On a personal level, I used to wait for my friend's lunchbox if he had brought that particular dish which I liked the most that do not mean that I did not like my homemade food, but that dish was special, and if out of nowhere he had brought that dish, I used to complete his lunch and then take him to a nearby restaurant so that he has his lunch. Such were the scenarios, recollect yours and comment below.

Mood changer – Being with your colleagues or friends is great fun, having to share personal life or job-related issues, is also a blessing. Life is not good all the time we have to experience both sides, imagine a situation when your colleague is going through a bad phase and during the lunch break, emotions break. Suddenly this box opens up and that specific dish which is liked by your troubled colleague is right in front of him. The sight itself changes the mood of the sufferer, for some time he or she forgets everything and dives deep into eating the favourite dish. Trust me you will never have to say that individual "Dua mein yaad rakhna", as with the help of this lunchbox, you are already included in the list of well-wishers. Such is the power of food and the one who makes it.

Messenger – I was quite surprised when I saw the movie "LUNCHBOX", the way lunchbox was used by individuals to convey messages in the 21st century was amazing and surprising. I always had a doubt as to how those small pieces of paper be as it is and not get affected or spoiled by leaked food inside the box, if any, however, moving on. If you observe closely, the thought of starting such an ancient method of messaging was because of the taste of the food and the simplicity of the box.  Credit totally to the box for keeping the time ticking and creating an atmosphere of secrecy where the two individuals were waiting for messages to be delivered to each other. All the critics appreciated the actors but none appreciated the box, today I take the privilege to credit the same. Long live lunchbox.

Nostalgic provider – They say we recollect memories by seeing them again in terms of places, by talking to same people after a long time, but we also feel nostalgic by tasting the same food, our taste buds connect with brain and a nostalgic feeling is generated. The same happens to those who are bachelors, or someone who stays away from home, when they consume homemade food, it reminds them about their home and family. It is a very special moment for them which touches their heart. “Ghar ki yaad aa gayi”, will be the first thing they will say. Imagine, even this can be done by our very own lunchbox.

So remember, always thank your loved ones who cooked food for you early morning and appreciate their efforts because somewhere down the line, they are responsible for the above things that you receive directly or indirectly. Comment below if you feel that there are some other roles which I have not mentioned.

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