Hello people, as you all know Surprizelife is now out with new category of Travel in which there will be travel blogs. It will consist of my travel experience and yes with the offbeat twist. To start off with my first travel blog, I will highlight one of the exciting treks which I had last year at Kalavantin Durg, India.

I am a regular trekker and had this new found love for trekking and hiking during the past few years, I do have a small group of friends which opts for treks instead of lazy or rather relax weekend, but this time I was surprised to know that few other friends were joining me for the trek. After forming a Whatsapp group and insisting all of them to join, finally, it was decided that we will opt for a group who conducts treks in the Sahyadri regions of Maharashtra, India.

This group was "Trek mates India" from Mumbai, which is one of the best in this domain. Before the journey day, our group chat was flourished with so many discussions whether to actually go for this trek or no as this was considered as the dangerous trek in monsoon, but we were determined. The discussion was then diverted to videos which mentioned how scary and difficult the trek was, but as mentioned we were determined.

Finally, the day arrived, our group chats were shut, we had to reach Panvel station early morning and from there we were supposed to join the trek group.

A group of 6 with some experience and some debutantes reached the station and merged with the trek group, but all this while there was one topic which was buzzing our heads, and that was about trekking shoes. Though this ain't the best topic to discuss early morning, we were a bit different. While discussing, we all realised that all of us were wearing different shoes which were not suitable for trekking, also sceptical about its endurance during the course of the journey.

We had a wide variety of shoes ranging from running, sports, casual, spike sole and icing on the cake was leather boots. None of us had the appropriate type and this lead to a bit demotivation. Once we reached the base of the mountain, all of us were introduced to each other by the trek leader, that time was the hardest time we had as the leader himself told that it will be difficult for us to do the trek. But as mentioned earlier, we were a bit different, we laughed out this topic and geared up for the starting line.

Once we started the trek, something unusual happened, the sole of my shoe suddenly was detached and it was sure that I had to stop my journey, but luckily I realised that I had floaters in my backpack. I quickly removed and wore it. In this particular situation, My friends were 50% unsure about completion and I was about 90% unsure, but we still kept going. We interacted with fellow trekkers and realised that they had a good amount of experience in trekking as compared to us. Slowly the feeling of amateur was diminishing as we were enjoying the nature.

Our conversations stopped and we were just hiking towards the summit, away from the city and our usual life wondering about nothing. All our thoughts and worries related to office, life and future were kept aside. Nature was our only friend and we kept talking, to an extent that we forgot we were not having the right shoes. Anyways, moving forward we reached a point where we had a diversion, left was Kalavantin Durg and the right was Prabalgadh. We took left and then the actual fear started, there were steps of about 3 ft wide which were engulfed to one side of the peak, it was the last phase and we had to complete it. So one side we had the mountain and the other side we had valley deep down directly to the base camp.

It was very scary, we had to take each step carefully and since it was monsoon even the steps were slimy so even a wrong step would have been dangerous. But our courage kept us going, we finally reached the summit and it was amazing. All these efforts were worth taking the view at the top was epic. It was like someone appreciates you for your efforts. While descending we were happy that because of our inappropriate shoe gear our journey was not hampered. It was surprising for others as well as us that the trekking was completed with these shoes. But, yes we do agree that wearing a specific shoe for a specific journey is very important.

So this was my first Travel blog, hope you all liked it, do share and subscribe for more such blogs.

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