Life is a roller coaster journey and it gives lots of surprises in terms of good and bad, high and low, it is never stagnant and something difficult to understand. It always surprises us and keeps us uncertain enough for it to be known, and as they say “unpredictable". So why not we surprise our own life by doing something which we wanted to do, something which we were afraid of that still had a passion for the same deep inside us.

Hey guys, I am Dhaval Vora, using the platform of to express what I observe, feel and imagine on a day to day scenarios in a rather unique and quirky way, I will be sharing episodes which I had encountered on daily basis in the form of blogs, microblogs, images and videos. This is my way to surprise life and live it to the fullest.

I am a working professional; whole day goes in analysing about the work and nothing else. Human beings nowadays are so much involved or rather fully occupied in their jobs that they hardly have time to follow his or her passion, there are very few people who can do both. Weekdays are dedicated to jobs and weekends for pursuing a passion, balancing between both is a tough challenge but nothing is impossible. Even I am trying to become one of them by doing what I like the most. Below mentioned are my roles or rather passion which I love to do.

Blogger | Traveller | Trekker |

My journey as a blogger started recently, it was a working day and I was totally involved in the excel sheet when suddenly there were thoughts which popped up in my mind where you feel like writing what you observe and analyse. It can be about anything; work, technical, travel; creative or offbeat, topics can be random but most importantly is that you have a feel-good factor once your thoughts are penned down. And the icing on the cake is that while the blogs when showcased to others are also appreciated. Even I had the same thoughts and yes I did start writing; as if now it’s going well.

A blogger who has a unique and quirky way of observing things, my way of looking at life is a bit different. I generally blog about random topics and compile the same in my Offbeat category. The 2nd most written category is about Travel which I love to do. And the 3rd category is Philosophy wherein I think giving philosophical knowledge to someone; age should not be the criteria. You all will be in a good position to see for yourself my portfolio, check out my blogging website for more

I love travelling, it opens up new horizons and leads to wider imagination. As they say, travelling leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller. And yes storyteller it is, stories to narrate in the form of blogging and videos in the form of this youtube channel, I like to visit new places and record the journey which might motivate others to travel.

My channel is dedicated to travelling where I try to write something about the places where I visit, also capture and share glimpses for the same. Subscribe to my channel and experience travelling my way.

Besides being a traveller, I am a passionate trekker as well. I firmly believe this well-written quote by Robert Frost, “I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference”.

Hiking, trekking and trailing are the best sources of inspiration and motivation, you are here only with nature, pure and serene, it is something which makes me immune to urban culture and allows me to come closer to the flora, fauna, and wildlife. Follow my Instagram page for awesome trekking experience which motivates for my travelling blogs.